To all our clients and stakeholders

We certainly find ourselves in very turbulent and confusing times, at the moment.

The impact of COVID-19 on all our health, business, social fabric and way of living is evolving very fast and will be confronting for us all.

The Governments move to Alert Level 4, last Wednesday, and the subsequent ‘stay at home’ requirement, in order to try and stem the tide of the COVID-19 virus, has changed the way Real World Living can provide services.

We are classed as an essential service during this time, but in order to comply with the Government guidelines we will not be doing any face to face connections with our clients and/or families.

Instead we will be contacting you by phone and/or email or Facebook, regularly over this time.

Our job will be to:

  • Give you relevant information
  • Have conversations
  • Give activity ideas
  • Help problem solve difficulties and where possible assist with finding help 
  • Provide support with access to essential supplies including assisting with shopping if this is proving difficult for you
  • Maintain some normality in this time
  • Help with planning for you and your family to make sure you have what you need over this time

Should you require some assistance before we contact you. Please do not hesitate to call on one of the following numbers:

  • Real World Living Papakura landline and leave a message: 09 2995304 (note – please do not call the Penrose branch as we are not linked to that voicemail)
  • Janette Peebles: 0273029587
  • Debbie Freeman: 0273259902
  • Marian Galvin: 0272704668
  • Debbie Taka: 0221375494

Please remember the vital messages for this time:

  • Stay at home and save lives
  • Stay in your bubble at all times
  • Only leave your home for essential supplies, only send one healthy person per visit
  • Anywhere outside home practice social distancing – 2m away from anyone else
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 secs or use an alcohol based sanitizer if soap and water is not available:
    • Whenever you return home
    • Have handled items being delivered to your home
    • After personal hygiene
    • After coughing or sneezing
  • Use good cough and sneeze etiquette:
    • Use your elbow
    • Use a tissue and throw this into a rubbish bin immediately afterwards
  • If you are sick
    • Stay at home
    • Self-isolate
    • If you need to see a Dr, phone ahead for an appointment. Do not just arrive at the surgery/clinic
    • Ring the COVID-19 Healthline 0800 3585453 for advice
  • Plan ahead for:
    • Medication
    • Food
    • Disposables e.g. nappies
    • Things to do

Please remember it is not necessary to panic buy. Only buy what you would normally need 

And please above all, Be Kind. Look out for your family, neighbours and the elderly. 

We are all in this together but if we pull together we will get through.

With Very Best Wishes to you all.

Janette Peebles

Managing Director.



Hand washing

Wash hands for 20 seconds. Dry hands for 20 seconds.

Steps for clean hands

  1. Wet your hands under clean running water. Use warm water if available.
  2. Put soap on your hands and wash for 20 seconds. Liquid soap is best.
  3. Rub hands together until the soap makes bubbles.
  4. Rub on both sides of both hands …
  5. and in between fingers and thumbs …
  6. and round and round both hands.
  7. Rinse all the soap off under clean running water. Use warm water if available.
  8. Dry your hands all over for 20 seconds. Using a paper towel is best (or, if at home, a clean dry towel).

Always wash and dry your hands …


  • Eating or preparing food.


  • Sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose (or wiping children’s noses)
  • Gardening (or playing outside for children)
  • Having contact with animals
  • Going to the toilet or changing nappies
  • Looking after sick people.