Living my life is a new disability support service program for ACC clients, designed to give participants choice and control over there own life.

Living my Life is about delivering support to ACC clients to describe the things that matter to them, and help to learn about their community support options to become active participants in their communities. Providers will enable clients to choose what support they have and who works with them to live their life. Living my Life providers will support people to plan, understand what is available locally, support that access and provide coaching to determine if self-management is for them.

Living my life service will work with clients and their family/whānau, discuss the support they want and create a plan that will support them to:

  1. make decisions about their support
  2. make choices and be supported to communicate these decisions
  3. get involved in their community and be part of their culture
  4. set meaningful goals and plan how to achieve them
  5. build skills to live independently
  6. build employment skills and find opportunities

What is Living my Life service?

There are four parts of Living my Life. These can be used to suit client’s needs at different times and stages of their life journey. Some clients may access all components, some may access one, some may not need it at all. Some providers of Living my Life may provide all components, others may only provide one or two components. These components are:

Facilitated Pathway Map
Providers will support people to create a visual map about what they want to achieve, and think about how they want to live their life.
Providers will develop a visual map that the clients can use when they’re working with different people so they know what is important to them, their family and whānau.

Independent Facilitation
Providers will support clients to understand the range of programmes and services in their local community. This could be funded or non-funded services or programmes.
Providers will support the client to be able to make decisions about how they would like to be part of their community, what support they need and who can provide it. Providers will provide clients with a summary of their preferred support options.

Tailored Support
Providers will support clients individually and in groups with their friends, in the community to:

  1. work on things that are meaningful to them
  2. build interests, activities and relationships within the community
  3. find ways to live where they want, do the things they want to
  4. do what is important in their everyday life, find work opportunities, stay in work and carry out their life roles alongside other Kiwis
  5. develop their skills to look after themselves

Coaching to Self-Manage
Providers will support clients to understand ACC self-management, how it works and what services and support they can self-manage.
Providers will support clients to decide if they want to self-manage and think about what support they may need to manage their budget (eg. paying carers).

Should the client want to self-manage, the budget is standalone and separate to Living my Life.

ACC fully funds all components of Live my Life. This funding may be paid to the chosen Service Supplier or may be made available to individual clients and/or their nominated manager in order that the funding can be self-managed.

The ACC Case Manager will work with individual clients to identify which components of the Live my Life service are appropriate and will make the referral(s) to the individual’s chosen Service Supplier.

RWL has a contract to supply services to people living in the Manukau City, Papakura, and Franklin District areas. We are able to assist with Facilitated Pathway Mapping, independent facilitation and Tailored Support for people living in the above areas.