Social Connections Program

The Real World Living Social Connection program has been designed to provide education, practical training and strategy practice of the important skills we all need to build positive relationships with each other at all levels, live together in harmony and be valued for our contribution to our communities, despite our diversity.

These activities and/or experiences can be undertaken on an individual basis or as part of a group.

This program can be accessed as single sessions or included as part of an holistic, client centred Life Activity Plan.

Program Content

  1. The art of Conversation – greetings, initiating conversation, active listening, understanding the listener, reading social skills, previewing, selecting the right communication channel
  2. The use of body language and eye contact
  3. Assertiveness v’s aggression
  4. Developing flexibility and co-operation
  5. Showing respect
  6. Empathy
  7. Being a problem solver
  8. The art of apologising
  9. Being human
  10. Meaningful relationships
  11. The art of Social graces
  12. Keeping oneself safe
  13. Social event calendar – opportunity to participate in supported and supervised social activities both within the program hours and within the local community and /or out of program hours eg: eat-outs, theatre/movies, RSA, music clubs, sport.


This program may be funded through our contracts with ACC and the Ministry of Social Development (subject to certain criteria) or may be paid privately by a per session rate.


Referrals may be formal eg: Student Transition Co-Ordinator or Case Manager or informal eg: self or family and may be made in person, by phone, e-mail or letter.

All referrals should be directed to Janette Peebles Managing Director in the first instance.

Phone 0273029587 or (09)2995304


Postal address 79-83 Great South Road, Papakura 2110