Student Transition Program

The Student Transition Program is about your journey from school to work and/or moving to life in the community as an adult.

Any student who demonstrates that they have a disability and will require support to achieve a successful transition from school into post school activities and community life can receive transition support.

Program Content

  1. Partnering with you and your family/whanau to develop an Individual Plan covering all aspects of the students life including
    • Employment
    • Further education
    • Housing
    • Community activities
    • Sport and recreation
    • All support required – when, how and by whom.
  2. Education to assist you and your family/whanau to have choice and make informed decisions with regard to your hopes, goals and aspirations.
  3. Support to trial and participate in options that you choose.
  4. Assistance to confirm your chosen options and complete all the administration to ensure you can participate fully and realistically in the adult lifestyle that you choose.


This program may be funded through our contracts with ACC and the Ministry of Social Development (subject to certain criteria) or may be paid privately by a per session rate.


Referrals may be formal eg: Student Transition Co-Ordinator or Case Manager or informal eg: self or family and may be made in person, by phone, e-mail or letter.

All referrals should be directed to Marian Galvin Student Transition Coordinator in the first instance.

Phone 0272704668


Postal address 24 East Street, Papakura 2110